Selecció Especial

Finca Tobella


Our philosophy and goal is to craft a wine that is both age-worthy and fresh. To this end we take great pains to not harvest grapes at an overripe stage, to control fermentations somewhat, and to limit barrel-age time to about one year (with the majority of wood Allier or tight grained to limit extraction).

Additionally we like to use a high percentage of Carignane in the final blend which, due to it’s natural high acidity, lends both crispness and freshness to the wine as well as long life.

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Winemaker: John Lipscomb
Limited production: 4800 bottles of 750mL


The quality of 2008 harvest was very good. We had a cold and rainy year, specially in spring which allowed to have a good growing season and later in summer to help the vines to reach the optimum maturity.  The temperatures were cooler than other years, we had moderate temperatures in spring and also in summer. Altogether, resulted in a late harvest, the grapes were picked at the optimum sugar and acid equilibrium and aroma intensity. The wines have good color and round tannins with an intense varietal aroma.

Tasting notes

Opaque purple-colored. Aromas of ripe red fruits (blackberry and blueberry), slate and spicy notes with a balsamic background from barrel aging. In the mouth, the wine is rich with good structure and notes of vanilla, spices and fruit. The finish is long and very crisp thanks to the natural minerality.


44% Carignane,  37% Red Grenache, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Food pairing

Excellent with roasted meats. Ideal to match with pasta and rice dishes.

Technical data

Alcohol: 14.75º
Total Acidity: 5.4 g / L (ac. tartàric )
pH: 3.3